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Our company is a collection of individuals dedicated in upholding the memory and mission of John Lockhart.

The John Lockhart Foundation was established to serve our communities by facilitating a variety of fundraising events for the sole purpose to raise money that will be distributed to our charities of choice. Charitable contributions will be administered with an emphasis on supporting abused and underprivileged children as well as health and illness research.  No salaries or payments are intended to be dispensed to BOD members at this time.

Meet Our Team

John Lockhart was a close friend and dear to each one of us. He touched so many people with his kind heart and talent rocking out on the stage with his band Suede. It is our mission to uphold his legacy and bring to fruition the wish and mission John requested of us.

Visitors to our site can give, select events to donate to, or choose a sponsorship package.

You can also give someone a gift certificate to an event.

If you want to get on the ground with a cause, we have many opportunities to volunteer and help.

Our leadership team is a small group of hardworking individuals making a large impact.

Laurie Lockhart

Vice President

Brian May


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Our Board

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